Magically Manage Your Home Electronics with Expert Service from A2Z Electronic Wizards



Magically Manage Your Home Electronics with Expert Service from A2Z Electronic Wizards

Electronics are supposed to make our lives a little easier while providing entertainment. In an ideal world, yes. But have you ever struggled to get a computer or TV remote to work, only to have no idea how to fix it? You don't have to call someone who will charge you a hefty fee to fix the problem, instead contact

A2Z Electronic Wizards. A2Z Electronic Wizards is a family owned and operated business in the West Valley. They have more than 30 years of experience working with computers, wireless networks, satellite, DIRECTV, Shaw Direct satellite, audio/video systems, home theater, security and more. Owner Keith Brown, a former U.S. Marine, started his first electronics business more than 20 years ago in St. Louis, Mo. About 10 years ago, he transferred his business to the West Valley. A2Z Electronic Wizards is licensed for both residential and commercial installations. "Over 50 percent of our jobs are from repeat customers or referrals," says Keith. "We do great work and believe in long-term relationships with our customers."

Being licensed for residential and commercial installations has allowed A2Z Electronic Wizards to handle all of the audio and visual needs for most of the Wells Fargo branches in the Valley, as well as assist many others with PA systems, conference rooms and home theaters. A2Z Electronic Wizards is also qualified to install and set up Shaw Direct satellite, a direct broadcast satellite television distributor from Canada. Besides being qualified to install and repair your electronic devices, the company can also let you know if your Internet service provider is giving you the best possible service.

Looking to purchase a new TV? A2Z Electronic Wizards is an authorized DIRECTV dealer. They can help you find the best type of television to purchase. How about a surround sound system? A2Z Electronic Wizards carries many popular and quality brands including Klipsch speakers, Polk Audio, LG, Samsung and many more, and most of the time they can beat the "big box" prices, says Keith. Electronic Wizards also provides universal remotes that they can demonstrate how to use, if necessary.

"The average family has three to four remotes in their living room, but we can take all of those remotes and put them into a single quality universal remote control," says Keith. "We can make your system so simple to operate that you press only one button to turn everything on." Wireless headphones can also be installed for your television, which can be used to accommodate those who are hard of hearing without disturbing others with the volume level.

Besides their wide array of knowledge, one of the best features of Electronic Wizards is their willingness to teach you how to use your devices. "We are all about inspiring our customers to learn how to do things themselves," says Keith. "We've helped thousands of customers update their electronics, and we've educated them so they don't have to ask a grandchild or a neighbor how to operate their own equipment. We take the headaches out of electronics." They also continue to keep themselves up to date on the latest technology so they can keep their customers educated, as well.

A2Z Electronic Wizards technicians all have at least seven years of experience in the field and are registered contractors. "We will professionally wire your home at prices 10 to 40 percent cheaper than the national retailers," says Keith. His son, Corey, is also a licensed technician who takes care of many of their consultations and installations.

"We know electronics can be confusing at times," says Keith. "Our goal is to make your system as simple as possible to operate."

If you need electronics assistance, call A2Z Electronic Wizards at 623-815-7575. Check out their website at


A2Z Electronic Wizards Help You Master Your Homes' Old and New Electronics

By Carisa Frisby

Have you ever walked into a "big box" store to purchase a television or home theater system and wondered if the person you were speaking with knew what they were talking about? They schedule you for delivery, then a separate appointment for install, then another just to learn how to use your new purchase all while charging you for each appointment. And you still run the risk of having to schedule yet another appointment to fix what they didn't know how to do.

Having worked for one of those stores, I know first-hand they don't always hire the most knowledgeable people for the job. Luckily, this isn't the case with A2Z Electronic Wizards. A2Z Electronic Wizards is a locally owned and family operated electronics provider and installer. They have been in the business for over 30 years and pride themselves on their knowledge, customer service and low prices.

Keith Brown, a former U.S. Marine, began his career in the radio and communications business while serving his country. Over 17 years ago, he started an electronics business in St. Louis, Mo. Then 10 years ago, he moved his business to the Valley of the Sun.Now, Keith's son, Corey, is a licensed technician as well and does many of the installs and consultations. A2Z Electronic Wizards handles a whole gamut of electronics, from satellite and TV antennas to surround sound, intercoms, computer set up and more. "We are the whole package," boasts Keith.Included in the one-stop shop is education. "We are in the Electronic Revolution,'" begins Keith. "And we need to stay up-to-date on what is going on and keep our customers educated as well."

A2Z Electronic Wizards not only offers universal remotes, but they will also teach you how to use them, as well as the other electronics in your home. "We are all about inspiring our customers to learn how to do things themselves," Keith informs. "A common issue we have noticed is when one person in the home is hard of hearing, they turn up the television blasting out' the others. We can install wireless headphones to allow those people to hear the television and maintain a comfortable sound level for everyone else."

Being licensed for residential and commercial installations has allowed A2Z Electronic Wizards to handle all of the Valley's Wells Fargos' audio/video needs, as well as assist many others with PA systems, conference rooms and home theaters. They are also ready and able to help you with your new 3-D TV, Vudu, Netflix or any other thing you can think of.

Looking to purchase a new TV or surround sound system? A2Z Electronic Wizards carries many popular and quality brands including Klipsch speakers, Polk Audio, LG, Samsung and many more often well below what bigger chain stores sell them for."Don't be misled if you see one brand of TV that is $50 to $100 less than a major brand," Keith cautions. "We are getting a lot of calls recently for those cheaper TVs needing repairs within the first couple of years. So, who really got the better deal?"

This month, A2Z Electronic Wizards is offering a home theater design special of $49 that's half of what other retailers charge! They are also offering 10 percent off on labor.

"We may not do it all, but we do a lot!" Keith states. And they do it well. A2Z Electronic Wizards are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Registrar of Contractors. To save money on new electronics or services, see their ad on page 3 of this issue of the Grand Season.

A2Z Electronic Wizards can be reached in the West Valley at 623-815-7575, in Phoenix at 602-751-4500, or the East Valley at 480-461-1151 or 480-946-0280. For more information, check out their website at

Contact them today to get ready for your new electronics install or to be educated on what you currently own. They will take the fear out and put the fun back into owning the most current electronics!


The Wizards are in the West Valley

That's right! A2Z Electronic Wizards Inc., one of the top rated audio/video companies in the Phoenix-metro area, is based right here in the West Valley. Owner Keith Brown, his wife Amy, and their three sons reside in Surprise.

Electronic Wizards has over 30 years experience helping folks with their televisions, sound systems, satellite, cable TV, antennas, internet hook-ups, computers even Canadian satellite systems. They can meet or beat most of the big box stores on big screen HD TVs and sound systems.

According to Keith, Electronic Wizards has a unique approach. " We don't have a big fancy showroom with all of the glamorous lights and signs. Or the tricky advertising! That's to lure you into the stores and try to sell you all kinds of things that you probably don't need." Electronic Wizards purchases their product straight from the distributors as they need it, and then they pass on those savings to their customers.

To ensure that you get the TV, speakers, or sound system you really want, they offer a special consultation service. Electronic Wizards' trained technicians come to your home and evaluate the layout of your home. They work with you to design the perfect system for your needs and budget. Most big box stores charge $99.00 for this service. If you mention this article, A2Z Electronic Wizards will do the in-home consultation for just $49.00.

Electronic Wizards is currently experiencing a growth spurt. "In this economy that is saying something. I always like to see the small companies grow. And we're really proud to say that we're growing", says Keith.

Electronic Wizards has expanded their service force by adding three new technicians, this year and is looking to bring on a few more. Keith credits the growth to treating his customers with respect and not just making them a number. Also having good installers to get the job done right. "If we need to spend a little extra time to teach our customers how to operate their new system, we're ok with that."

Keith got started in electronics as a radio and telephone technician in the U.S. Marine Corps. He's worked with cable and satellite companies, cellular phone and audio video companies. He started his first audio video company 17 years ago in St. Louis, MO (and he still owns and operates it today). The Browns realized Arizona had a great climate and lots of opportunity, so they moved here and started A2Z Electronic Wizards Inc. almost nine years ago.

Are you tired of dealing with the big box stores? Then give Keith a call. You can check out Electronic Wizards with the registrar of contractors, PORA, SCHOA, and the BBB. They have a pristine track record.

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